Jason Williams

Designer • Illustrator • Super Dad

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Print design — ah yes, the challenge of finite space. Will it fit? Of course it will. We just need to figure out how. There is nothing better than solving the puzzle and creating something tangible that speaks to your audience. From catalogs and brochures to branding and trade show support, if it goes to the printer, I say C-M-Y-oK!

Digital design changes faster than Apple and their IOS updates. Fortunately for me, I love learning new things. My past life as an I.T. guy has helped me dive head first into designing and coding responsive email campaigns, social media marketing, UX/UI, and much more. Are you down with RGB? Yeah you know me!
Lets make it move! If I could, I would work in After Effects twenty-four seven. There is something satisfying about story boarding a project, gathering or creating the assets, and combining them to form an engaging motion piece that will get your target audience's attention.
When I began designing this website it started with a simple idea – stop motion. At the time, I had no idea how I was going to pull this off, but I love a challenge so I got started. My goal was to create a portfolio site that introduced me and my personality while demonstrating some of my skills. After some trial, and error I managed to find the right combination of HTML/CSS and javascript I needed to get the job done. Creating the site was a fun experience, however it didn’t come without some frustration. I welcome the frustrating parts, that is where learning happens.